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How this blog got started?

There’s no achievement higher than to make indiscernible the line between work and play.
If you have porridge in your head – share it with your neighbors!
Each gopher is an agronomist.

Arnold Toynbee, English historian and philosopher

Russia is an interesting country in terms of doing business.

Crazy symbiosis of the new market and old management schemes, stunning breakthrough ideas and background of limitations of their implementation, the mindless copying of unsuitable for the Russian market Western patterns while ignoring the truly progressive achievements of international experience under the auspices of “our own path of development” – all these realities of the Russian business world are familiar and understandable to us, local entrepreneurs.

I rightly consider myself as an humble representative of this department, having created a business at the beginning of 1992, I’ve over the next 23 years simultaneously been working as CEO of my own company, which since then had gone the path from being a local distributor of the French car care products HOLTS to the leader in the integrated supply chain for gas stations and the processing of their non-fuel businesses.

I’ve never asked myself: “Why am I doing my own business?” – I did not have then and still don’t have now a single answer to this question. And I don’t have a definite answer: “Why am I writing all this, what I want to say and to whom?”.

Therefore, for the epigraph to my blog you can use any of the three aphorisms by Arnold Toynbee, and which one suits it better – it’s up to you to decide)))

I would be happy if my writings will be useful at least to one reader by contributing to the development of his business or to his promotion upwards on the corporate ladder!

Yours sincerely,
Alexander Kuzmin