When gossips age, they become myths

Stanislaw Jerzy Lec

Despite the fact that the business of RusHOLTS exists over the last fifteen years, a wider audience know about it very little. As often happens in such situations, myths have spread much wider than objective information. For a time I enjoyed such a situation, it is always interesting to watch how you are perceived from the outside, you learn a lot :). But lately, myth-making began to acquire a pronounced “goal-oriented” and manageable character. And that’s pretty sad, because the free and quite safe flight of individuals’ fantasy are replaced by methods of disinformation, clearly proven in the politics, and now being carried on the business field. Why prove or something, why go any deeper into thinking about the problem if you can just come up with “another great myth” and create the right mood in the business environment? Minimum cost and the effect can be quite significant. Therefore, I think it’s time to take a particularly active debunking myth attitude regarding my company. I propose to consider five main myths about business RusHOLTS:

1. RusHOLTS is very expensive