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US: gas stations offer food, oil giants give way to fast food development models

In the US, the brands of major oil companies are being gradually squeezed out of the retail fuel market. One of the main reasons – the process of the drivers’ “refueling” with the food has become almost more important than actual fueling cars with gas.

Previously, all the attention on the highway was focused on the search for the Shell, Exxon or Texaco signs, whereas now the drivers are looking for Buc-ee or Wawa ones in the roadside landscape. Millenials rate filling stations for their food quality in no lesser degree than thry do in terms of the price and quality of gasoline.

Why retailer needs its own chain of gas stations?

Walmart to create its own network of filling stations

What is more important for a modern gas station- gasoline or store? For western retailers this issue has beenresolved long ago. Fuel sales attracts more buyers, increasing efficiency and allowing the store to recoup substantial part of the costs for the maintenance of core business. In the Russian consciousness gasoline has the added value that is not comparable to any “related” business. The top priority for any manager of Vertically Integrated Oil Company will be the fuel. Why? Because the fuel is a staple of any oil company focused exclusively on oil production and refining.

In the West there always have been the retailers owning gas station chains. Thus it is not surprising that the development of its shops and cafes is considered by them as a priority business. (Couche-Tard, Costco, 7-Eleven, Tesco). The combination of classic retail and gas stations works well at improving the traffic in shops in terms of attracting additional customers. In Russia, such a model was implemented by “Lenta” and Neste without unified business management center, each of the partners was to manage their part of the project. But we must remember that Walmart is the world’s largest business network, the scope of future reforms is impressive.

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