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Month: January 2017

A Glass of Free Hot Water – A Privilege or Obligation for Public Catering?

We all can find ourselves in different situations facing the need to have a glass of hot water. Whether you have just escaped from the desert or simply need to take your pills, it is p to public catering establishments whether to provide water for free or charge customers minimum prices to gain higher revenue. We are not talking of any altruistic or ethical issues. It’s just a business, baby! On the other, charging several cents for services that are actually not services appears to be a modern trend.

For example, a woman in a Moscow restaurant asked the staff if she could charge her cellphone, but her claim was rejected. This occasion resulted in numerous discussions and appeared to be another proof in favor of caterers that are eager to charge their customers for every extra breath. There are plenty of other examples of such greediness or tight economy, if you like. Such approach shoes a great eagerness of business owners to save every cent. However, they are so concentrated on the small things that they do not consider some obvious reasons of losing their major revenue. This is the point for another discussion.

What’s New in the Coffee Cup Economy in 2017?

Coffee is doubtlessly one of the most important products available in the market. On the one hand, it can boast great tonic features. On the other hand, it brings different people from different parts of the world together forming a huge global community of dedicated business professionals. The role of coffee should never be underestimated, as its importance for the global economy is the same as finances, oil or other market-defining products.

Moreover, coffee highlights some extra features such as flexibility and some other resources letting the product change in accordance with the market development and met its expectations in the long run.

McDonald’s Opts for Healthier Food Taking Fast-Casual Direction

Things change, as time goes by. What was created as a symbol of the fast food industry, calories and junk burgers may eventually turn into healthy food provider. McDonald’s tends to change the strategy in the nearest future obtaining a brand new look customers have never witnessed before.

The food giant is about to correct its strategy and focus on a so-called healthy fast food highlighting some fitness diets in addition to a separate food consumption propaganda. The new concept will feature a selection of recipes that can boast an optimal nutrition formula for people aimed at keeping fit. In other words, McDonald’s may turn into 100% opposite concept we are used to introducing some venues of the new healthy concept in different parts of the world. The extended menu includes a range of soups and salads, healthy sandwiches and main courses.


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