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No One Beats the Irish Coffee, Even Starbucks

We are being told of how many great advantages coffee chains have in the global perspective. However, a few independent coffee shops are eager to join huge chains and lose their authentic and exclusive approach once and for all. Why is this happening? Are they mad to lose tons of revenues? Or is there any other reason for independent service providers to stay in the shadow of world’s biggest coffee chains like Starbucks? Let’s figure it out.

Coffee anti-franchise or long live individuality!

The article on “anti-francise” became one of the most popular materials of over the past week! Thanks to everyone who showed their keen interest and participated in the discussion in the comments. Below are a slightly abridged translation.

Coffee anti-franchise or long live individuality!

I got interested in the theme of the acquisition of various franchises after my close friends, whose children have grown up to the age of an earning money to live independently, several times invited me as a business consultant, waiting for an expert to answer the question: “To take or not to take the franchise? And if we take it, which one?”.

The younger generation which does not get disconnected from the social networks, found it a tempting offer to open a franchise as their own business – a “coffee to go” sales point. This idea has been picked up on the web-site “VKontakte. For parents, it is encouraging to hear that the children want to “develop their business by buying a franchise that guarantees success”, but our generation can’t be fooled by these tricks. Our “internal filter” was originally set up to fight the tempting offers from the category of “Pay me and become rich”, being affected by business experience in the 90s. It was curious to see what “VKontakte” had to offer. Alas, the more I studied the issue, the more i got turned away from the idea of such a franchise.

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