A reporter’s question at first got me discouraged. After some reflection I was able to formulate a response. Following the publication it was interesting to see what other entrepreneurs have responded to it.

«Top Secret», July 29, 2015. Full article >>

Russian business elite has traditionally been rejecting everything that contributes to the transparency of any business facets — from financial analysts to technological processes. A vivid example for us in this regard is a remote monitoring of IT-equipment of gas stations. On one side of the scales are hundreds of millions of rubles savings from reduced downtime and elimination of payment for poor-quality repair and maintenance services. On the other is the same amount going into pockets of «home» service contractors and their lobby in the top-management of gas stations.

The situation is the same for both Russian and foreign fuel retail players operating in the Russian Federation. Managers in Russian networks do not want to lose kickbacks, and foreign top-managers don’t want to solve the problems of the gas station they inherited from their predecessors. In Russia, the monetization of such innovations is almost impossible. We introduce them at the expense of funds received from the other businesses of the holding.


In the sector of gas stations prospects of any improvement are very vague. Unfortunately, in our country the changes in the standards of high-risk operation occur only after accidents of strong social resonance with explosions, fires and human victims.