Today, we can hardly imagine a modern office without coffee. It is not just a casual beverage for employees. The drink may influence the level of productivity as well as create a harmonious atmosphere for communication and creativity. On the other hand, coffee may turn a typical office into a beneficiary niche from business perspectives. Is it possible to turn a coffee room into an efficient business model? It certainly is. We will tell you how.

Coffee-Zone for Communication

Coffee-zone is a vital place for every enterprise. It is actually the heart of the office. While the non-smoking program inside the companies is in its full swing across the globe, the coffee zone has turned into the major gathering for the employees where they discuss various issues enjoying their hot beverages. Here they share opinions on various points, discuss working problems and find solutions to them.

For this reason, the quality of coffee plays a vital role. Many new startups and companies are specialized in supplying premium beans for office usage in particular. Their mission is to turn the coffee zone into a competitive advantage. Have a look at any vacancy description. Most employers offer free coffee as one of their major benefits.

The beverage has turned into a new trend that attracts high-quality employees. Every time an employer is eager to increase the level of productivity in the office, he or she simply cannot afford neglecting the importance of coffee at work. You now have a powerful HR tool.

What Affects the Level of Coffee Consumption in the Office?

According to the latest statistics, the total revenue from selling coffee for the corporate needs is about $2.6 billion in the USA only. Considering new technologies, better equipment and higher quality of the beverage, we should expect the revenue to be even higher in the nearest future. On the other hand, employees have a great opportunity to bring a new coffee experience from the outside coffee shops and venues right to their offices taking the example of some most successful concepts.

We are facing the coffee renaissance. Your every employee may turn into a professional coffee snob after a couple of months drinking corporate coffee. The most suppliers deliver well-brewed premium coffee beans from farms located in Latin America and other parts of the world to bring the best coffee experience right to their employees.

What Are the Biggest Names in the Niche Today?

Some leading fast food and coffee brands are already heading this way. For example, Coakley has launched its new program also known as Grind. The company has made a name for itself as a trusted supplier of healthy foods for office workers. However, the new program considers delivering coffee specialties of the highest quality. The brand hires certified professionals, trusted roasters and brewers in addition to premium quality advanced equipment to exceed the expectations of its customers.

STUDYLOGIC has provided the results of its studies and researches. The results are amazing from the business perspectives. US office workers consume about 4.4 billion cups annually. The majority of all those cups has been made using the equipment under such brands as Aramark, Keurig Green Mountain, Waterbury and others.

Cold brew coffee beverages include 50 million cups of the total volume. On the one hand, they seem to be less popular if compared with hot beverages. On the other hand, the total growth is obvious. It is 165% if compared with the same period in 2015. In other words, the crowd starts to love cold coffee beverages. For this reason, Coakley invests more funds into cold-brew coffee projects and purchases necessary equipment of the highest quality.

Despite the fact, the third wave of coffee revival has only started, the competition in the niche is getting tougher each day. The NYC-based Joyride brand has also entered the market of office coffee. The company is now for supplying beverages to such biggest names as Uber and Google.

Moreover, it has established a new partnership with such recognizable coffee players as Blue Bottle, Counter Culture, and Stumptown. The collaboration is the part of the newly launched “craft on draft” program. It features more than 1,000 offices across the country that order beverages from Joyride.

Office-Coffee Business Model

In spite of all benefits that brings the niche to startups and well-established companies, it has some obvious drawbacks. The existing supplying models are far from being perfect. Most of them can hardly meet all necessary standards and requirements when it comes to quality of all coffee components. In other words, building the efficient process featuring clear structure is the major priority for all office-coffee brands today.

It appears that huge brands with a rich history and reputation face more difficulties when integrating new model if compared with new startups that boast more flexible structure and versatility. You may have a small enterprise with about 30-40 employees who are well aware of what they are doing.

They are able to solve major distribution and supplying problems faster than big companies are with a traditional structure. Would really waste time on finding the nearest Starbucks or Tim Horton’s if you have a great coffee shop right here in your office? Probably not.We should also consider the importance of new advanced technologies and equipment. It is the only chance to attract new customers as well as increase the loyalty level of returning ones.

Having a great modern coffee-zone that provides fine beverages will increase the level of productivity. Employees will be eager to hurry to work to have a cup or two. No more skipping, no more illnesses and missing days. The new concept is certainly worth implementing.

The market has an enormous potential from business perspectives in the nearest future. It will grow in the next few years. The latest statistic shows that 71% of all employees are not satisfied with the state of things when it comes to the coffee zone in their offices. It means that the niche is in its early start with so many great things to implement, modify and update.