The latest research has revealed top 5 most loved gas station chains in the United States. Shell takes the lead followed by some other big names in the fuel industry including EXXON, BP and some more. However, leaders should hardly lay back and be satisfied with the state of thing. All 5 companies are inevitably approaching the «boredom» stage. What is it and what are the steps to avoid that stage?

The latest researches conducted by the BERA analytics has revealed 5 most «loved» gas station chains. Shell takes the first place. The final standing is as follows:

  1.  Shell.
  2. EXXON.
  3. Chevron.
  4. BP.
  5. TEXACO.

The top-5 list includes leading gasoline brands with their sites featuring cafes and convenience stores as a part of their foodservice offerings. BERA is specialized in providing ratings of most loved brands from customers’ experience perspectives. The agency overviews leading retail companies, restaurant chains, producers and more.

It seems like gas station brands have nothing to worry about while the main competitors in the niche are left behind. Leaders can boast a good level of customers’ service in addition to high-quality products and reasonable prices. However, as well as many other companies in the United States, they are still at the «basic» level of development.

The main problem is the fact that all 5 enterprises are approaching to the «boredom» stage. In other words, customers are searching for something more than just a wide selection of offerings and great service.

If the companies will fail to introduce something more capturing and involving in the nearest future, they are likely to get to the «boredom» stage, which inevitably results in «divorce». A divorce here means that the leading companies will lose their customers as well as the major part of their incomes. How to avoid such losses? Are there ways to get the consumers back to «love» stage?

What Does the «Boredom» Stage Mean to Gas Station Chains?

Most of you are familiar with the product life cycle term. BEAR analytics developed their own vision of this life cycle considering customers’ impression and satisfaction with the brand. The idea includes several stages that start with the launch of the new project.

The «NEW» stage is the product’s introduction followed by the «dating» stage. Customers are exploring the new product as well as its benefits, competitive advantages, prices and other crucial aspects. If they are satisfied with the offering, the brand gets to the «love» stage. The company that makes its customers stay at this stage is likely to succeed. However, the task is extremely challenging especially when it comes to a limited range of options and offerings. As a rule, gas station chains fail to introduce something capturing, while their customers approach the «boredom» and «divorce» stage.

The main problem is the inability of gasoline brands to explore and invent. They have their backs against the wall when releasing some new capturing products to hold the attention of the target audience. For example, Apple releases a new device every time the previous one has reached the peak of its popularity among customers. They simply do not let their consumers feel bored. Gas station chains cannot afford implementing every new idea they have.

Steps to Avoid «Boredom» Stage

Let’s get back to our chart. Modern gasoline brands face the lack of «competitive uniqueness». In general, the majority of customers are familiar and satisfied with the biggest names in the industry. On the other hand, they do not feel excited even with such developed companies as Shell that scored only 39 points of 100.
Retail chains are in better conditions. The top list of most loved brands includes:

  • Whole Foods ;
  • Trader Joe’s;
  • Walmart.

In spite of all efforts made by fuel businesses to attract as many customers as possible, they fail to introduce the same selection of new products if compared with biggest retailers. They find it really hard to think of new options and offerings. For this reason, many clients opt for independent c-stores and gas stations with unique options.

The only way to avoid «boredom» stage is to keep customers engaged all the time. Special promotions, momentum lotteries and discounts can be used. We are not talking of typical happy hours and «all coffee for $0.99». People are fed up with such kinds of promotions. They call for a more entertaining and thrilling experience.

Innovative IT solutions can be a good solution to the problem. Some brands invest in new developments as well as the Internet of Things and AI to provide a better customers’ experience. Some chains are about to enable food delivery in addition to an extended list of grab-and-go options. BP has recently introduced its interactive gas pump that entertains customers while they are fueling their cars.