Any professional community should have a strict hierarchy based on some fundamental criteria. The hierarchy is supposed to feature both proven leaders and outsiders as well as highlight bold rookies and former jet sets in a particular industry. Everyone takes an appropriate position that fits the level of trust and reputation.

Actually, all niches and industries follow these rules. The media market is hardly an exception. A list of proven publishing houses includes some most reputable names that are associated with trustworthy content only. For instance, if the information is provided by the Washington Post, it is very likely to be true or at least it is worth considering.

For this reason, you may be very surprised to come across a poor article from any perspectives including content, grammar and even punctuation delivered by any reputable resources that have already turned into media flagships for their countries. This is what actually happened to one of the most trustworthy and reputable Russian publishing houses known as Kommersant.

The source has published an article called “Coffee and Machine”. The aim of the article was to introduce NESTLE as the leading coffee brand. However, the content appeared to be nothing but a writer’s failure. It contains plenty of mistakes in addition to misleading information. The episode resulted in a huge resonance among coffee business representatives and specialist. Let’s have a closer look at how media giants failed to keep up with their publishing level.

True Lies

The content seems nothing but one huge lies. It actually reflects the lack of writing skills in addition to a poor level of knowledge in the coffee field. It seems like writer decided to put an ease on his or her research avoiding some fundamental issues of the market. The author speaks of some innovative monitoring solutions and telemetries allegedly implemented in one of the Russian biggest gas station chains.  However, the entire information is nothing but lies.

The article introduces the NESTLE brand as a leading coffee provider and producer. They also mention company’s Nespresso and Dolce Gusto capsules naming them premium coffee products. There is nothing special about such introduction at first sight. However, specialists know that instant coffee can hardly ever be rated as the premium product! It has nothing in common with ground coffee beans when it comes to taste and quality.

You will never meet a dedicated coffee gourmet who is fond of instant drinks. Instant coffee is at the bottom of the industry and it can hardly be called a top product although produced by NESTLE. Capsules are nothing more but a part of the mass market. McCafe serves better coffee than that.

Hand-Picked Coffee Beans

Another accent was made on the fact that NESTLE uses hand-picked coffee beans only as if it is the choice of top brands. We should mention that ALL coffee beans are picked by hands, as there is no other way yet to harvest them. This particular fact shows that the writer is absolutely new to the topic and does not have the foggiest idea of how the harvesting process looks like. It is only a tip of the iceberg. We have come across some other facts that are far from being the truth. Here are only some of them:

  1. The author compares a professional coffee machine with fuel pumps when it comes to operation accuracy. Well, the choice looks at least strange considering that the operation of those devices is based on different methods and principles.
  2. The article describes coffee as a fuel for professional coffee machines which is 100% wrong. Apart from fuel for the engine, coffee is actually an end product served to the customer.
  3. They say about a mystic monitoring systems and modules installed inside coffee machines to enable a remote control over the equipment. The author describes an unreal structure where a NESTLE operator can track the equipment and fix it anytime as well as proceed with settings. Well, it looks like science fiction.
  4. They also tried to speak of complexity levels for coffee equipment describing them as premium, super premium and “mainstreem”. How can a professional writer make mistakes like that? “Mainstream” one and nothing else!

Final Word

In face of such misleading articles, we decided to create our own professional community. Its members are proven professionals when it comes to non-fuel and coffee businesses for gas station chains. The community has eventually resulted in a Facebook group where experts share their opinions and thoughts as well as keep in touch with the latest news. Our mission is to fight back a growing number of fake news that appears as a part of an amateur promotion campaign.

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