Changing the world for better... at least the world of gas stations)

Hy-Vee Launches «Fast & Fresh» Concept

From sushi and beer to gas pumps. Let’s get inside the new venue launched by US leading retailer and have a closer look at the new c-store concept.

Domino’s to Launch Pilot Self-Driving Delivery Service

The project will be launched in collaboration with Nuro.

5 Reasons Why Fuel Stations Lose Their Customers

Petrol station with two cars. Flat vector illustration isolated on white background.

Fuel customers conversation rate is declining. It has reached the lowest level over the last 3 years.

4 Coffee trends to Follow in 2019

If you fail to meet customers’ expectations, they will leave your venue for the competitor. For this reason, it is vital to follow the latest trends and now the demands of your target audience. Let’s have a look at major coffee trends to follow this year.

3 Ways to Boost Quick Lunch Sales

Lunch boxes on the go are growing with popularity. The days of dining at home during the break are gone once and for all. Everyday life dictates other rhythms with short snacks between meetings or mundane working tasks. It all results in new consuming trends in the field of retail.

Generation Z — the Main Target Audience for Retailers in 2019

Retailers need to try their best in order to drive the attention of the generation Z or so-called millennials. They appear to be the dominating consuming force and introduce the new gen of digital buyers.

IGTV Introduce The New Gen Marketing Platform

Instagram seems to take the lead from YouTube in terms of video broadcasting and promotion. It will inevitably increase the influence of opinion leaders according to marketing experts’ forecasts. It all might result in the introduction of IGTV — a new platform that can make the tables turned.

Gas Station of the Future: 4 Essential Features

While digital technologies evolve, the biggest names of the oil and gas industry are forced to change their business concept. Major gas station chains implement new business models that feature advanced IT tools. So, what will the gas station of the future look like?

gas station of the future

McDonald’s Serves Free Fries for Every Order Through Mobile Device

McDonald’s is planning to make its all customers place orders through their mobile devices. Free fries are supposed to give consumers boost when using Smartphone’s to order food.

McDonald’s mobile app

Top 4 Retail Trends at Gas stations. Part 2

The non-fuel industry and retail trends have turned into the driving force for gas station chains. They ate the key to financial success part from fuel sales. A proper strategy and correct implementation can do some good.

retail trends

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